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HELLO 2023

5 years ago, we started Loading…System as a side passion project in Amsterdam; a creative outlet to express ourselves freely, create content, organise a few events with friends and just have fun with it.

But in 2020, we understood that there was a need for something else.

Overwhelmed by the increasing social and environmental crisis that we were seeing in the world, frustrated by the lack of purpose in our careers and in the creative/marketing industry, we knew that something had to change. We asked ourselves, what can we do?

And we quit.

We risked everything and transformed our side project into our full time job and obsession, with one objective in mind: To use our skills in strategy and creativity to drive change.

Just about managing to squeeze our life into a van, cats on board, we left Amsterdam behind for the beautiful Asturias and established Loading…System as a creative studio that is focused on generating social and environmental impact.

It has been a difficult and challenging journey. We’ve had lots of ups and downs, but we are still here.

During this time we’ve worked with a variety of artists, sustainable brands, NGOs and activist organisations in topics ranging from circular fashion and healthcare to air pollution and feminism. Collaborating with a wide range of change-makers and producing creative work that is meaningful has been the most rewarding experience and it’s what keeps us going.

We operate in that sweet spot where art and activism meet.

As we enter 2023, we’re excited for what’s coming and we’ll be sharing more of our previous work and new projects.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Loading…System so far, it means the world to us!

If you want to collaborate or have a project for us please reach out:

Happy new year.

Lucy and Gabry