Pockit is a healthcare company founded in 2017 in Cambridge by a group of students and young entrepreneurs. This disruptive and innovative start-up is focused on obsessing science with the goal of discovering new biomarkers that can be applied for improving medical diagnosis.


Pockit has built the first blood test for LVO stroke subtype identification, enabling a faster and more accurate stroke diagnosis that improves treatment and can help clinicians saving lives. Strokes are a huge burden on the medical sector, affecting 14M people yearly, being the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide and 3rd of disability.


Pockit believes in excellence, bringing products that help clinicians, paramedics and nurses to deliver a better care to patients in more cost-effective ways.



Pockit Diagnostics


Cambridge, UK





We started our collaboration with Pockit in 2020, with the goal of re-interpreting their brand strategic approach and creating a fresh brand identity that communicates on scientific facts in a clear and compelling way. 


Our first step was to create a strategic framework centred around the belief that science can help society live a better life. From a creative pov this approach comes to life as a brand that merges two personalities: 


The classic scientist persona

- Serious, factual and to the point.

The punk-scientist

- vibrant, dares to be different.


The result is a powerful and flexible brand that can adapt to multiple situations and formats, depending on the audience.


We couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with Pockit, where there’s huge potential for saving millions of lives and create huge positive social impact worldwide.