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What you do

makes a difference,

and you have to decide

what kind of difference

you want to make.


— Jane Goodall

Sannah H.P. van Balen is a leading young scientist with expertise is Nuclear energy and safety. Her goal is to bridge the gap between industry insiders and the general public through communication.


Sannah often moderates and hosts panel sessions, webinars, and conferences in the nuclear industry and actively participates in the societal conversation on the potential of nuclear energy as a climate change mitigator.

During her time working as an energy transition consultant to Dutch industry and policymakers, she realised that the perception of nuclear risks rather than the actual risks governs decision-making on nuclear power. With the aim of better supporting policy, Sannah is now completing a PhD at The University of Cambridge to conduct research on alternative ways of assessing and communicating nuclear risks.

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Sannah H.P. van Balen


Amsterdam, NL




Science, Energy

For this personal brand project the priority was to create an identity that felt humble yet flawlessly expert and scientific. Sannah's work connects her to all kinds of people - but predominantly she is working within the scientific community. For this reason the aesthetic of the project is inspired by the minimalism of scientific/medical documents, with a modern, youthful twist. The core of the brand identity was created considering that much of her work requires creating presentations and documents - making it necessary to be adaptable, fresh and accessible for her to work with. 

sannah h.p. van balen

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