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The Loading…System studio creates and markets experimental artistic projects across a mix of mediums and formats.


The studio is aimed at engaging a global generation of young activists, creating compelling ‘call to action’ projects that drive impact.


Our studio projects range from documentary films to Web 3.0 activations.

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Loading…NFT is a digital agency and gallery that works to bring power to creators in the new Web 3.0 creative economy. We support artists in their journey to make a living out of their artwork through the NFT global marketplace.


With this project we are aiming to create positive impact in the world by:

  1. Raising funds through NFT sales that we will channel into social and environmental projects that create impact in the real world.

  2. Using NFT activations and metaverse experiences to raise awareness of social and environmental issues that are affecting our world today.

  3. Helping creators to develop their careers in the art scene and make a living in the new web3 creative economy.


Loading…PARAISO NATURAL is an experimental project that aims to empower the youth to drive positive change in Asturias through creative activism.


The project works in 4 pillars of action (society, culture, environment and economy) through 2 key initiatives:


Digital magazine: A new independent voice for the region, where citizens can contribute and collaborate to create editorial stories, investigative reporting and documentary projects. The goal is to raise awareness of key social/enviro issues and tell the truth of what’s happening in Asturias without the influence of corporations, institutions and governments.


Activist agency: A marketing agency that is focused on supporting activist organisations and NGO’s on the battle for attention. Volunteers come together to help with brand strategy and design with the goal of increasing the visibility and impact of social/enviro projects.

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+34 662 34 83 80


Calle Libertad, 2

Gijon, Asturias

Spain, 33206

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