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We opened ‘Loading…Xixón’ in summer 2021 as a pilot project. A self-initiated adventure. An experiment to create a socio-cultural retail space that serves as a hub for local impact.


We ran the space for 1 year, creating a solid offering of events, workshops and activations that focused on social and environmental impact, using art as the connection with the young audience in the city. We built a local community of artists and activists. The space started to get traction in the city of Xixón.


However, we didn’t manage to make the project financially stable and had no option but to put it on hold for now. But because we ran the experiment, now we know: In an increasingly digital world, physical spaces matter and are a key to build the systemic locally-driven transformation that cities need.


This is an area of work that we hope to explore more in the future.



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